Back to the Future: Reclaiming Our Partnership Culture

February 25, 2020
We at CPS are super excited about author Jed Diamond’s new post, “Back to the Future: Reclaiming Our Partnership Culture and Saving Humanity”. Diamond lauds Eisler’s new book, Nurturing Our Humanity: How Domination and Partnership Shape Our Brains, Lives, and Future, and relates his vision of a future world based not on a “dominator culture” but on healthy partnership systems.

Diamond writes, “One of the characteristics of the Partnership Culture is based on the power of people to solve big problems when we all work together. The monetary costs are less important when the survival of our children, grandchildren, and future generations is at stake. For those who believe the real Partnership is impossible in today’s world, I suggest you are viewing the world through Dominator lenses”.

Jed shares four truths that catalyze our determination to honor and build upon our partnership roots:

1. Partnership cultures flourished for two million years.
2. The Partnership way of life was the most successful period we’ve ever experienced.
3. The Dominator Culture will be seen as short, dead-end, aberration that lasted for less than 1% of human history.
4. We can’t rely on the Dominator Culture to fix our problems. Our only hope is a return to our partnership roots.

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Thank you Jed for your caring support of Riane Eisler’s work and the partnership community, and your dedication to empowering women and men to work together towards a partnership future.

Jed Diamond, PhD. is the founder of MenAlive and the author of the new book 12 Rules for Good Men.


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  1. kimble perry Reply

    I left this comment after reading his theory regarding the onset of dominance and patriarchy. “An interesting article and a noble enterprise in seeking out a root of origin for patriarchy and it power for power’s sake dominance. Yet, linear reasoning is part of the problem. I have found that, instead, when trying to understand the adoption and maintenance of a way of living that actually mains the self, is nigh on pathological, therefore in large part psychological. Erroneous beliefs, beliefs in falsehoods require an even deeper onset. Humans originally were more scavengers than hunters, small and sparsely equipped compared to so many other meat eating mammals. Cooperation has been the only answer. Anxiety a daily prickly ally. This human condition universal in every sense of the imagination. Only recently I happened upon a book which dared to hold these long held considerations of mine. “Man The Hunted” might be an interesting asset for your theorising.”

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