In Partnership: Riane Eisler

October 14, 2020
In this Good People series interview, Raman Frey interviews Riane Eisler on her articulation of the Partnerism framework and how it might shape our world.

“Partnerism was introduced in my book The Real Wealth of Nations to describe a Caring Economics of Partnerism that goes beyond both capitalism and socialism. Here the primary goal of both markets and government policies, as well as of all of society, is caring for people, starting at birth, and caring for nature. This is essential not only for human and environmental reasons but for purely economic ones in our postindustrial era.”

The Make Partnerism Mainstream Campaign focuses on four cornerstones that are foundational to either domination or partnership systems: childhood/family relations, gender relations, a new economics, and stories/language.

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In Partnership: Riane Eisler is the twenty-sixth in a series of Good People interviews with explorers, thinkers, artists, activists and other luminaries around the world.

Learn about the Make Partnerism Mainstream Campaign.

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