Check out the new issue of the Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership Studies!

CPS is excited to announce the publication of the Summer, 2019 issue of the Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership Studies (IJPS). The IJPS, a peer-reviewed, online, free-access journal housed at the University of Minnesota, shares scholarship and creates connections for cultural transformation to build a world in which all relationships, institutions, policies and organizations are based on principles of partnership.
Cover image “Form Follows Nature” by Laura Yeats.

Featured in this issue:
Caring Economics and the Nordic Model by Silvia Hedenigg

Where is the Care in Caring: A Polemic on Medicalisation of Health and Humanitarianism
by Jordan Lindekens and Janaka Jayawickrama

An Evaluation of Researcher Motivations and Productivity Outcomes in International Collaboration and Partnerships at a U.S. Research-Intensive University by Jane Payumo, Danna Moore, Marc Evans, and Prema Arasu

In Community Voices, read Systemic Collective Impact and Rapid City’s Ongoing Success Story
by Albert Linderman.

The IJPS cover art, Form Follows Nature, is by Laura Yeats of Orcas Island, WA. Read the artist statement.

Dedicated to sharing new knowledge and successful applications of the partnership paradigm, IJPS invites contributions by both academicians and practitioners. Its aim is to develop the best solutions and practices by drawing on our collective knowledge across the academic spectrum and diverse applications of partnership principles and cultural transformation.
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