Time for a New Herstory?

December 9, 2019
In The Sonoma Sun, Larry Barnett exposes the gender values of a patriarchal narrative of civilization in A Not So Grand Theory of Herstory. He writes, “Herstory (not his story) is largely unwritten, or at least not well-acknowledged. Buried below the discourse and explanations of men, the global history of women is one of silencing, disempowerment, and relegation to man-serving roles. In modernity, western culture has evolved enough to allow women to vote, own property, bear (or not bear) children, and inherit wealth, but in 2019, even these entitlements are under assault by patriarchy”.

“History (not her story) includes a variety of patriarchal rationales, ranging in views spiritual and materialistic. Author Riane Eisler explored this territory in her book The Chalice and the Blade” which recounts the origins and effects of the 10,000-year rejection of the feminine and offers an introduction of the domination/partnership system continuum.

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