New Stories for Young and Old: Grandfather’s Garden by David Loye

October 23, 2019
Grandfather’s Garden
by Dr. David Loye (Riane Eisler’s husband, partner in life, and co-founder of the Center for Partnership Studies) is in Riane’s words, “a book for children and grownups alike.” Riane is very excited about this wonderful book and recommends it to everyone as the perfect holiday gift book for all ages.

The whimsical short stories in Grandfather’s Garden are partnership theme fables.

Kids love the characters (and illustrations) of these imaginative fantasies, such as the Baby Carrot who wanted to be a speed boat racer, Babbage the Cabbage, the Clam that made a Pearl, Thudglinka and the Nasty Thistles, Phyllis the Talking Pillbox, Flippo the Dippo who circles the earth skywriting Joy to the World, and the Mifwump, who sees all, knows all, and can be everywhere all at once.

Baby Carrot and Babbage the Cabbage. Illustrations by A. Christopher Simon for David Loye’s Grandfather’s Garden.

Adult readers report that these whimsical tales are a calming, hopeful relief from the daily bad news that bombard us, and a pleasure to read for their off-beat humor.

The author of Grandfather’s Garden, David Loye, PhD., is an internationally known evolutionary systems scientist, author of the National Award winning The Healing of a Nation, world authority on Darwin’s long-ignored partnership theories about human evolution (see Darwin’s Lost Theory and Rediscovering Darwin), and most remarkably, 94 years old.

Just as remarkable is that A. Christopher Simon, whose brush has delighted readers of classics and many other books for leading publishers, is Grandfather’s Garden’s 92-year-old illustrator. In Riane’s words, “This fabulous book is the product of two amazing talented people who demonstrate that we can continue to be creative all our lives. It is truly a classic of a new kind.”

Or as Loye puts it: “Link up and Join up,” urging kids, teens, and fired up moms, dads, and grandparents: “Use this perfect new gift book for the holidays to read to your children, grandchildren, teens, and to give yourself, friends, and family the pleasure of these whimsical tales – and real hope for our future.”

Here is where you can get Grandfather’s Garden: hardcover and paperback, Kindle.

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