Glamour: Beyond Capitalism

April 16, 2020

This week on Bitch Media, host Carmen Rios interviews leading feminists including Brie Mathers, founder of Love the Skin You’re In, leader of the Center for Partnership Studie’s Girls Resiliency Education Fund and girls’ empowerment speaker on Glamour: Beyond Capitalism.

Capitalism has complicated our cultural definition of “glamour”— and in the process, it has corrupted how women see and express ourselves. The podcast explores gender issues around the objectification of women and how misogynist corporate systems are controlling young women and their body image.

Brie Mathers introduces partnership values to the next generation in her dynamic school presentations to young women and men.

Brie responds: “Building resiliency is fundamental and awareness and education are key ingredients. It really comes down to looking at the systems of power”. Brie urges young women to educate themselves. Riane Eisler’s work and mentorship has been a pivotal influence for her. “Love the Skin You’re In launched the Girls Resiliency Education Fund through the Center for Partnership Studies. There is a spectrum that moves between a domination system—which is about authoritarianism, top-down control and the subjugation of women and children (50% of humanity), …and a partnership system, where we see reciprocity and interdependence and a valuing of the feminine.

If there’s anything that is fundamentally going to change our world right now, it’s to change what we value. When we devalue that which is feminine, we end up with these systems of power that exploit our humanity and exploit human beings. When we value nurturing, care, and connection, we ascribe to a new model of power with (rather than power over) and that’s a model I aspire to and that exists as a possibility”.

Listen to the podcast:

Visit Brie Mathers at Love the Skin You’re In

Request Brie as a speaker: visit the CPS Speaker’s Bureau

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