E-book Project: The Girl Child and the Long Walk to Freedom
A groundbreaking project for which Riane Eisler is an advisorThe Girl Child and Her Long Walk to Freedom, has recently been released as an “e-book and six-month reading journey that dives deeply into the religious and historical roots of patriarchy and systems of oppression.”
The new book, written by Emily Nielsen Jones and Domnic Misolo, is a joint project of the Imago Dei Fund and the Institute for Faith and Gender Empowerment.  and is the result of the collaborative work of many advisors and program team members. Dedicated to the authors’ daughters and girl children around the world, the story centers around a universal protagonist of the Girl Child, for whom we can collectively work and build a better, safe and more equitable world by focusing on the many roots of global patriarchy and bringing a historical awareness to how faith and gender inequality intersect:
The e-book unpacks the history of patriarchy, shares how patriarchy is both invisible and everywhere in our lives, introduces present-day faith-inspired change agents, and helps readers better understand how to walk the exodus path toward liberation from this oldest oppression. The reading journey is a facilitated, six-month-long exploration of The Girl Child & Her Long Walk to Freedom undertaken in small group discussions from October to March.
You can sign up for the upcoming 2021-2022 reading journey here: https://girlchildlongwalk.org/learn-more/ 

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