Generation Z Economics: A Multidimensional Teaching Approach

December 10, 2018

In the Financial Express article “How to teach economics to millennials, Gen Z”, professor Indradeep Ghosh, Dean of the Meghnad Desai Academy Of Economics, Mumbai urges educators to adopt a multidisciplinary, systems-literacy approach to economics that encourages more proactive and experiential learning.

According to Ghosh, “The fundamental thought and learning process that currently guides economics education needs to change”. A multidimensional approach to economics called Phenomenon-based learning enables students to understand real world events from diverse viewpoints and to accept the versatile nature of world-views in a new global economy.

Dr. Riane Eisler’s 2008 book The Real Wealth of Nations: Creating A Caring Economics is highlighted as “An example of a multidimensional work that “expertly comments on the society’s productive capacity based on its caregivers, a role that is typically assumed by people of color and women in the West. Such multi-definitional works will define the future economic classroom that is based on discussion and an amalgamation of diverging themes such as racial politics and gender into the potential of economics”.

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Graphic Caring Economy map by Caroline Ellis

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