Eisler interview on REALTalk public radio

August 6, 2019
In her radio interview for REALTalk on Voice of Vashon, Riane Eisler spoke with Susan McCabe about Eisler’s new book, Nurturing Our Humanity: How Domination and Partnership Shape Our Brains, Lives, and Future, co-written with Douglas Fry.

The book opens with a call for a new urgency to create a more just and humane world. Research presented in Nurturing Our Humanity contradicts the notion that humans are innately violent and selfish; Eisler sees humanity as gradually moving from a domination culture to one of partnership. Eisler comments, “The new biocultural partnership-domination lens shows that there is no opposition between the ‘nature and nurture’ arguments of human development—they are interconnected and work together through gene expression; shaped by the kind of cultural environment we create. Unlike conventional social categories such as right/left, religious/secular, Eastern/Western, the partnership-domination lens no longer excludes or marginalizes the majority of humanity: women and children. And that’s huge!”

Our true nature leads to compassion, collaboration, and partnership.

When children experience trauma or neglect their brains do not properly develop. “It’s a question of developing our enormous capacity for caring, for consciousness, and for creativity”. Eisler’s almost 40 years of research into social systems and cultural evolution confirm that we can build a partnership world. “To do this…we have to learn to think in different ways, and to focus on interventions that are foundational so we don’t keep having these regressions”.



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Listen to Eisler’s 2017 REALTalk interview: Women & Money.



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