Riane Eisler: Understanding the Psychology Behind Trump

October 10, 2019
Progressive political activist, author and news show host Egberto Willies interviews Riane Eisler on Politics Done Right. In their discussion on “nurturing humanity out of our political mess” Riane Eisler points out that until we understand the psychology behind Trump and those who elected him, (and didn’t), we will continue cycles of regression.

Eisler: “What’s happening in the U.S. today politically is a classic example of regression to the domination side of the social scale”. She points out the importance of becoming more aware of a gendered set of values that permeates our current domination system, and how we can make choices to utilize our capacities for caring in a new, more equitable partnership social system.

Eisler commented: “…the default for [humanity] is caring and sharing. We’re capable of violence…but the stories we’re told— that it’s simply human nature to be violent— are not true”. She asserts that the real struggle for our future is not between right and left—it is between the configuration of the domination system (which is the authoritarian top-down system in both the family and the state) and an equitable, mutually respectful, nonviolent partnership system.

Egeberto Willies said he learned a great deal from Nurturing Our Humanity, and urged listeners to read the book.


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