Riane Eisler: We Can Change the Rules of the Game

November 19, 2020
Check out the November 16, 2020 interview with Riane Eisler with major Austrian news source ORF.at. In We Can Change the Rules of the Game, Eisler refers to her book The Real Wealth of Nations— the German version titled “The Misunderstood Foundations of the Economy”—calling for economic change. Eisler “…describes today’s economic system as “neither sustainable nor fair”. It is not able to cope with current or future challenges. The pandemic is forcing us to question our “old normal”; we have to move on to an economic system that I have called the ‘Caring Economy of Partnerism’”.

Read the full English translation of the article

Read the article at ORF.at

“It was one of the most interesting and inspiring interviews I have ever heard” —Tamara Sill, commenting on her interview with Riane Eisler

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  1. Sheryl Morris Reply

    Profound thinking and crystal clear speaking.
    “Caring pays!”
    Yeh! Endorphins!

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