Riane Eisler: Early Partnership Cultures Lived in Harmony

November 30, 2020
Bridgton, Maine’s local online news journal featured Riane Eisler’s cultural transformation theory and her seminal book The Chalice and the Blade. Joyce White in “Earth Notes: There Must Be a Better Way”, comments “…there must be a way to live without violence and war, but until I read that book, I had not known that such a culture actually had existed. After this obscenely expensive and way too long campaign season, I want to be reminded that at least once in human history, a peaceful, egalitarian, Nature-oriented culture existed”.

The Bridgton News article reviews scientific evidence pointing to peaceful, harmonious pre-Neolithic cultures described in Eisler’s work on the roots of partnership systems. It makes a distinction that Eisler emphasizes: “…the prevalent idea that a culture which rejects the patriarchal model must then be matriarchal, that if men aren’t dominant, then women must be in that position of exercising power over others. The term matriarchy doesn’t accurately describe these groups who lived peaceably for thousands of years. Rather, there was basically equality and cooperation between the sexes and Eisler coined the term partnership model to differentiate it from the dominator model with which we are familiar”.

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