David Loye’s Rediscovering Darwin: Learn what Darwin actually had to say about human evolution

Published February 12, 2018 in honor of Darwin’s 209th birthday!

Hailed as a major breakthrough in 24 pages of pre-publication reviews by leading evolutionary thinkers, David Loye’s Rediscovering Darwin: The Rest of Darwin’s Theory and Why We Need it Today reveals what Darwin actually had to say about human evolution. Rather than “survival of the fittest” (which he apologized for using in his earlier work) or “winner vs. loser” (as in still popular evolutionary narratives), Darwin writes of love and the moral sense as primary drivers in human evolution.

As Riane Eisler notes, this book is a fitting tribute to Darwin on the anniversary of his 209th birthday (b. February 12, 1809). It sets the record straight by showing how, in the long-buried rest of his theory of evolution, Darwin pioneered the understanding that partnership rather than domination is key to the development of our species’ highest human potentials.

Rediscovering Darwin is available in both Kindle and paperback at Amazon.com

David Loye’s website: www.davidloye.com/darwin

Here what people are saying:

“… reveals what has been neglected with a passion and urgency not found in any other work scholarship of deep humanity and needful wisdom. Award-winning Darwin scholar Robert J. Richards

“ … corrects an oversight in the history of science that has swerved the modern world off its track. Chaos theorist Ralph Abraham

“ … grips the reader’s imagination as if glued to watching him put together a giant jig-saw puzzle showing the whole sweep of evolution … Brain scientist Paul MacLean

“… makes the whole evolutionary theory hang together as …“Love-in-action.”   Integral evolution theorist Ken Wilber

“… Darwin the visionary, the moral thinker, not the mechanistic random-evolutionist as his followers have it… General evolution theorist Ervin Laszlo

“ … If humankind is to survive the 21st century, it will need to deal far more effectively with the escalating threat of nuclear warfare, ecological devastation, and the other threats to its existence.  There is no better road map… Psychologist Stanley Krippner

Psychologist and evolutionary systems scientist David Loye is author of thirty books including the national award winning The Healing of a Nation and Darwin’s Lost Theory. Over the past 30 years he has been involved with scientists in many fields and countries in developing the cutting edge fields of chaos, complexity, integral, and evolutionary systems theory (see www.davidloye.com). His pioneering study of Darwin grew out of the development of his moral transformation theory along with three final books on Darwin. A notable fact about creativity at an advanced age is that he completed and published this book at 93, with two more works on Darwin after Rediscovering Darwin underway.

Paperback: 200 pages
Publisher: Romanes Press
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0-692-98402-4
Paperback: $14.95
Ebook: $6.95

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