Cultural Transformation: It’s Time to Shift Back to Partnership

May 31, 2018
Last Fall, the Center for Partnership Studies and readers from around the world celebrated the 30th anniversary and 57th U.S. printing of the international phenomenon that is The Chalice and the Blade by Riane Eisler.

This week Kindred Media shares a conversation about cultural transformation and the emerging Partnership social system: Could our time of massive dislocations be an opportunity for transformative change that will support a working Partnership system?

Eisler proposes that the earliest cradles of civilization oriented more to the partnership system until, during a period of chaos, there was shift in a dominator direction. It further proposes that today it is more urgent than ever before that we reverse that shift – and work together to accelerate the move from domination to partnership.

Eisler: “It is certainly true that our world has been changing very fast over the last few hundred years,” Eisler writes. Rapid technological and economic changes have destabilized not only established habits of work, but long-standing habits of thinking and acting. This has been the source of much dislocation and stress. But … technological and economic change has also opened the door for questioning much that was once taken for granted, including once firmly entrenched beliefs about gender roles and relations as well as parenting practices. This questioning is part of a much larger movement for change: the global partnership movement toward more democratic and egalitarian relations in both the so-called private and public spheres”.

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