Exploring Your Creative Constellation with Sara Saltee

Join Sara Saltee, creativity coach and longtime Director of CPS’s Leadership and Learning Programs, as she introduces her original framework for discovering not IF you are creative, but HOW you are creative. She’ll reveal her exciting new vision for understanding personal creativity and show how identifying your signature combination of creative drives can help you live more fully in Partnership with your Self, your work, and our world.

Exploring Your Creative Constellation
August, 2017 dates TBA

If you’ve been beating yourself up for not having “found your passion”…

If you know you are creative in a bunch of different ways, and sometimes feel overwhelmed or unfocused…

If you’ve ever questioned whether you really are creative, because you’re not a writer, performer, or visual artist…

If you are ready to call back the scattered pieces of your Self that you’ve lost touch with along the way…

Exploring Your Creative Constellation is the workshop for you.

Far too many smart, creative people waste precious time and energies trying to shrink our multiple gifts and passions into too-small boxes, trying to make ourselves less complicated or less messy, trying to find a way to fit in.

Here’s the thing maybe no one has told you: You are not only allowed to be creative, you are allowed to be creative in many different ways.

It’s time to stop searching for a single burning passion, and start embracing your complex creativity as your greatest strength! Sara Saltee’s new Creative Constellation framework shows you how. Rather than forcing you into a single creative “type,” The Creative Constellation Framework introduces 25 distinctly different creative modes and helps you name ALL the parts of your multi-passionate, multi-talented, evolving, complex, real human self.

As you get clear about the kind of creator you are, you’ll gain new insight into how the full constellation of your creativity can be used as a navigation system, steering you home toward a life of meaning, purpose, satisfaction, and impact.

Exploring Your Creative Constellation Leads to:

Self-understanding and self-acceptance – Stop agonizing and playing small and start exploring exciting questions like: what new possibilities emerge when you un-apologetically take ownership of all of who you are?

Creative satisfaction – start steering straight toward your deepest sources of meaning, fulfillment, joy, and pride (and AWAY from activities you are not wired to find satisfying!)

Creative Excellence – get clear on where to invest your focus, your energies, and your learning next so that you have the impact you want to have.

A life-design that honors all your creative needs – it is time to take responsibility for organizing your whole life (not just your paying work, but also hobbies, volunteer activities, and other projects) around your real life’s work: creating what you are here to create.

Participants will take away:

• A visual map of your own unique creative constellation

• Validation that you ARE creative, even if you may not be an artist, writer, or performer

• A clearer picture of where your creative strengths are, and how they work together

• Insight into areas where you might need to build strength or find helpers

• New appreciation for your own intricate wholeness

• A guidance system that will lead you straight toward the projects, careers, jobs, hobbies, and activities that you will find most meaningful and satisfying

We are all called right now to step forward with bold, wise, and wholehearted contributions to the Partnership world we know is possible. Getting clear about the kind of creator you are is wonderful first step that can help you align your world-work with your core creative drives.

To learn more about the Creative Constellation Project, visit Sara Saltee’s website at www.sarasaltee.com.

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