Riane Eisler: Changing the Whole System

Read the interview with Riane Eisler in The Next System Project’s Talking with Riane Eisler on Changing the Whole System. The interview with Cecilia Gingerich, drawn from Eisler’s 2015 paper Whole Systems Change: A Framework & First Steps for Social/ Economic Transformation, was originally published for the Next System: Possibilities and Proposals series.

Eisler writes: “We stand at a turning point in our human adventure on Earth. [People] are reexamining not only what was and is, but also what can, and must, be done.  They understand that solving our unprecedented problems calls for more than just tinkering at the edges of failing systems—that we need whole systems change, and that this, in turn, requires a fundamental cultural transformation”.

Whole systems change requires a fundamental cultural transformation

In the paper, Eisler shares a “methodology that leads to a new conceptual framework for understanding social systems, its key findings, and their implications for whole systems change. I then outline long-term actions focusing on four cornerstones, including fundamental economic changes, as foundations for a more peaceful, equitable, and sustainable future”.


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  1. Kimble Helgesson Reply

    Thank you for the link to the paper. Eisler’s books together with Kate Raworth’s Doughnut Economics are a large part of my current dialogue with those around me. I am frustrated with a 10 week online course titled Economics With Justice that doesn’t address the underlying systemic issues of our current system. My voice has been reprimanded when I ask where is Justice in the talk of the last 9 weeks talk about tweaking this or that legislation. First session, I and then others, we told that “women’s issues’ were not going to be part of this discussion!! I stayed involved all the same because critiquing what we don’t know the details of is an empty practice. Eisler’s work is sooo needed these days.

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