Caring and Connected Parenting. In Conversation with Licia Rando.

April 30, 2021

This week, CPS team member Robyn Baker is highlighting a component of partnership that is already in practice today by interviewing CPS partner, Licia Rando, about her Caring and Connecting Parenting work.

Caring and Connected Parenting gives new parents and parents from abusive backgrounds the tools necessary to connect with their children so they may develop lifelong healthy relationships. The pathway to peace—in the family and world —begins with the love and guidance of a child.”—Riane Eisler

Rando joined Baker in conversation on Facebook Live about ways to explore more caring and connected relationships with children.

This marks the first dialogue of our newest Forward Thinking Friday initiative, in which we provide snapshots into what a more partnership world looks like in practice.

Watch Rando and Baker discuss how to promote the wellbeing of children and the quality of connections with them throughout childhood below:

Licia Rando has spent a lifetime working to make the world a better and safer place for children so they can grow up happy and healthy. Rando is a social worker, child therapist, and founder & author of Caring & Connected Parenting. Find out more about Licia Rando’s Caring and Connecting Parenting guide and explore her blog for hands-on tools and key lessons from her work.

We would LOVE to engage all corners of the CPS community in the re-imagining of the world-as-we-know it into the one we hope for in a post-COVID world.

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Tune into our upcoming Facebook Live sessions at the end of every month to hear new perspectives and share your own, as well as connect with the movement towards making partnership practices the “new” (but actually true) normal!

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