June 13, 2018

Social Media Leader Valerie Young expands CPS’ Reach
Valerie’s expertise voicing the message and mission of the Center for Partnership Studies is invaluable to support the outreach of our programming worldwide. Valerie is a proficient writer immersed in public policy as it pertains to women’s status and family care. She has written for The Shriver Report, Brain/Child Magazine, and is frequently featured on BlogHer.com. We couldn’t do what we do without you Valerie!

Victory! …and on to November: NC Senate Candidate Ginger Garner
CPS is excited to announce that Caring Economy leader, author and founder of Medical Therapeutic Yoga Ginger Garner won her primary for the North Carolina State Senate, District 2. Congratulations Ginger!
Watch Ginger’s acceptance speech: www.gingergarnernc.com

Tireless Activist and CPS Supporter Donna Mills
Partnership leader Donna Mills is a “can-do” social justice and environmental activist and valued member of CPS’ Outreach Working Group. Donna is partnering with Sande Hart of the Charter for Compassion: Women and Girls to represent CPS at the Parliament of World Religions this Fall. A big thank you for all you do Donna!!

Partnership and Social Justice: Margaret Frimoth
Seasoned Partnership leader Margaret Frimoth, PhD. has contributed the article When Push Comes to Love: Partnership and Social Justice for the Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership Studies, Winter 2018 issue. Margaret is the Vice President of Academic Affairs at Clatsop Community College, Astoria, Oregon, and a long-time  advocate for survivors of domestic and sexual violence. In 1987, she founded the annual Victory Over Child Abuse (VOCA) Camps and has received several awards for her work, including a mention in the U.S. Congressional  Record and the Oregon Governor’s Volunteerism award. The annual camps continue, based in part, on the principles of Riane Eisler’s Partnership systems.

Read the IJPS article

Gender Justice and Political Advocacy: Zuha Jamil
Zuha Jamil is taking the lead in progressive political advocacy in her community, serving as the Endorsements/Partnerships Manager for the Alessandra Biaggi campaign in New York. Zuha is an articulate outspoken Caring Economy and Partnership advocate with a background in international relations. She has worked for a number of United Nations Economic and Social Council organizations, as well as UN Women, the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women. Thank you for your inspired leadership Zuha!

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