Kate Duva working with Hand in Hand: The Domestic Employer Network

Kate Duva

March 29, 2018
Kate Duva, a 2015 Caring Economy Advocate, continues to champion America’s original department of defense: the millions of caregivers who hold people’s lives in their hands, and build peace on a daily basis. She is working on an exciting project with Hand in Hand: The Domestic Employer Network, creators of the Fair Care Pledge – think of it as a fair trade movement for care! We recognize that our dignity is linked with the dignity of the people who we depend on to clean and care for our homes and loved ones, and we offer workshops and communication tools to foster stronger, longer-lasting partnerships between domestic workers and employers. Please check out Hand in Hand’s informative webinar, My Home is Someone’s Workplace, on April 11 TWICE at 3pm EST and 8:30pm EST. And stay in touch! kate@prosocialpower.org / www.prosocialpower.org


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