Realistic Visionary: Riane Eisler on What Matters Most

May 12, 2019
In this inspiring podcast interview for What Matters Most, Riane Eisler speaks with Paul Samuel Dolman about her life and her work; her upcoming new book Nurturing Our Humanity, the status of women, spirituality, our capacity to care, and the cultural shift from domination to partnership systems.

Regarding systems of domination, outmoded gender roles and our shared humanity, Eisler comments: “We have to free ourselves from the “domination trance”. That requires new thinking; leaving behind much of what we’ve been taught. We are all born with an enormous capacity for empathy and an enormous need not only to be cared for but to care. We’re in a period of great disequilibrium as we shift rapidly now into post-industrial technology. It’s a crisis and also an opportunity. It ultimately depends on human agency—we have to think in longer terms. Short-term thinking ignores the four foundations of partnership [systems]: childhood, gender, caring economics, and narratives/language. There are no quick fixes…we need a whole new way of thinking. I’ve been called a pragmatic or realistic visionary. And that’s how I think of myself—because my work gives grounded hope that we can build a better society”.

Listen to the podcast:

Pre-order the book Nurturing Our Humanity: How Domination and Partnership Shape Our Brains, Lives, and Future

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