Behind Our Gender Masks with Brie Mathers, Ashanti Branch and Riane Eisler

CPS’ September 20, 2018 webinar, Behind Our Gender Masks: Empowering Young Women and Men to Express their Full Humanity, proved to be a powerful and engaging conversation. This in-depth dialog explores practical strategies for shaping the future of femininity and masculinity in the era of #MeToo, #BlackLivesMatter, and #NeverAgain.

Gender equality pioneer Riane Eisler brings together two powerful leaders in the movement to help young people break through damaging old gender assumptions and claim powerful voices and authentic lives. Brie Mathers of Love the Skin You’re In, and Ashanti Branch of Ever Forward share how they are creating the foundations for a partnership society by empowering our daughters and sons to express their full humanity.

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Today’s young women and young men have an unprecedented opportunity to step out from behind the gender masks that have limited the range of “acceptable” expression and contribute the best of who they are to the healing and evolution of our society. How can we help them seize that opportunity?

How do we support young women in rejecting visions of womanhood that equate ‘femininity’ with subservience, devaluation, and sexualization? And how do we call young men into a vision of manhood that incorporates caring, creativity, and mutual respect as key markers of “masculinity”?

“Look inside your heart, not your mirror.” – young woman student, Coldwater Public School, Ontario, Canada

Riane Eisler of the Center for Partnership Studies talks with special guests Brie Mathers and Ashanti Branch about the educational and organizing strategies they are using to make a powerful difference in the lives of young people.

They address the real challenges young women and men are facing today, and ways we can all support the work of un-doing the gender norms that help maintain domination systems. Educators, mentors, parents, grandparents, and all of us who care about building a partnership world won’t want to miss this inspiring and provocative conversation.

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Riane Eisler is President of the Center for Partnership Studies and internationally known as a systems scientist, attorney working for the human rights of women and children, and author of groundbreaking books such as The Chalice and the Blade: Our History, Our Future, now in 26 foreign editions, and The Real Wealth of Nations: Creating a Caring Economics. Dr. Eisler has received many honors, including honorary PhDs and peace and human rights awards. She lectures worldwide, including the United Nations General Assembly, the U.S. Department of State, Congressional briefings, universities, corporations, conference keynotes, and events hosted by heads of State. Dr. Eisler is also co-founder of the Caring Economy Campaign, the Spiritual Alliance to Stop Intimate Violence (SAIV), and is Editor in Chief of the Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership Studies, an online peer-reviewed journal housed at the University of Minnesota that was inspired by Eisler’s work.

Ashanti Branch, M.Ed. is the Founder and Executive Director of The Ever Forward Club, an organization dedicated to mentoring young men of color in middle and high school by providing them with safe, brave communities that build character and transform lives.

In 2004 as a first year teacher, Ashanti started The Ever Forward Club to provide a support group for African American and Latino males, who were not achieving to the level of their potential. Since then, The Ever Forward Club has grown to serve both young men and women and become a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. The Ever Forward Club has helped 100% of its members graduate high school and 93% of them have gone on to attend college.

With over 19 years mentoring youth and 10 of those years as a math teacher educating inner city youth, Ashanti was awarded with a Fulbright Exchange Fellowship to India, a Rotary Club Cultural Ambassadorial Fellowship to Mexico and a 2010 Teacher of the Year Award from the Alameda-Contra Costa County Math Educators.

Mr. Branch is on a mission to change the way that students interact with their education and the way schools interact with students.

Since graduating from McGill University in Women’s Studies and Humanistic Studies with Distinction, Brie Mathers has spoken to 100,000 teen girls worldwide with her resiliency project Love the Skin You’re In. Inspiring young women to find compassion within themselves and for one another, and to lead a new conversation about their bodies and beings, she conducts connective school-wide events about media literacy, mindfulness, and partnership.

Brie speaks regularly at the Franchise for Humanity Conference at Stanford University’s Global Innovation Summit and has collaborated with National Youth Week New Zealand, Bay Area TEDx, University of Rochester Medical Center, YWCA, and Center for Partnership Studies. Her work has been featured in The Toronto Star, The San Jose Mercury News, and Coastal Living Magazine. Author of Freedom to Blossom, Brie wakes up in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada inspired by the teen social media activists that form her core team.

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  1. Nancy Sabin Reply

    Pls include specific tips on HOW to ensure that public events, such as nonprofit events or school-oriented events, are more inclusive?

  2. Ingrid Kepler-May Reply

    very much interested in how women can save the world through empathy, collaboration and partnership with existing patriarchy!!

  3. Linda Wolf Reply

    For the past 26 years we have known you Riane And partnered many times in the empowering women and girls, especially through the books that you’ve been part of that our Teen Talking Circles Project has produced, especially Daughters of the Moon, Sisters of the Sun, which can now be only purchased on Amazon but sold 50,000 copies 💪🏿 and is still as relevant today. In all the years that I have been leading girls circles, I have been enriched by knowing you and your work. Thank you so much For being one of our very first advisers. You are booked the chalice and the blade was Seminole in my own education. It would be wonderful to get in touch with you again And I very much look forward to connecting with the Ashanti And learning about his work with men and boys. And to connect with all of the organizations that are supporting this.

    • Ann Amberg Reply

      Hi Linda,
      Thank you for your lovely comment; I’ll pass it on to Riane and also to Brie Mathers.

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