Caring Economy = an “enormous economic return from investing in caring for people and nature”

Riane Eisler’s seminal book The Real Wealth of Nations: Creating a Caring Economics is cited in Intelligent HQ’s post “Towards the Caring Economy: Shifting From Numbers to People”.

“The most important, yet undervalued, human work”— at the very top of the economic chain— “is the ultimate goal of economics”, says acclaimed social systems scientist Riane Eisler. And she further explains, “The Caring Economy Campaign is shifting focus from GDP and Wall Street to the enormous economic return from investing in caring for people and nature”.

For Eisler, the investment in humanity should be at the center of all socio-economic decisions. Caring for and educating people is the first step for this to be accomplished.

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Riane Eisler: “Caring Economy Campaign (CEC) programs provide the missing foundations needed to support the many grassroots organizations today working to end cycles of poverty and promote women’s empowerment, economic security, and justice for all. The CEC demonstrates the financial return on investment from paid sick and family leave, quality affordable pre-K, paycheck fairness, and other policies needed for equal rights, opportunities, and U.S. competitiveness in the knowledge/service economy.”

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