A Hearty Welcome to New CPS Team Members!

December 14, 2020

Here at the Center for Partnership Studies we’re excited to announce the addition of three new team members: Ilene Palacios, Quincey Tickner, and Robyn Baker. They each bring a wealth of talent, complementary skills and experience to CPS. Their diverse professional backgrounds in communications, social media, journalism, community activism and political science—and their empowered “can-do” spirit—bring new energy, leadership and momentum to our shared mission promoting partnership and caring economy. Welcome Ilene, Quincey and Robyn!

Robyn Baker, CPS Research and Education Associate, has recently graduated from the Euro-American programme at Sciences Po Paris. She loves to play piano, practice yoga, or read in between her studies in political science, sustainable development, and gender. She is an avid collector of old books and has a strong interest in fine arts. She has a passion for multiculturalism, travel, and human rights. She is fluent in English, Spanish, and French. Robyn’s focus will include Social Wealth Index research and caring economy-related projects.

Ilene Palacios, CPS Digital Communications Associate, is a queer, Xicana multipotentialite who is committed to curating spaces where empathy, joy and solidarity can flourish. She has several years of experience in legal operations and executive support as well as leadership in community-engaged organizations. In 2017, Ilene was a recipient of the Windy City Times ’30 Under 30′ award, in recognition for her grassroots work as co-manager of space Cultura in Pilsen, organizer for Vives Q and contributing editor of Gozamos.com. Ilene has a BA in Metropolitan (Urban) Studies and Spanish from NYU and is a lifelong learner.


“The arc of history may bend towards justice, but it is not without the actions of individuals and groups coming together in better relation with one another. As a person of intersecting marginalizations and privileges, what happens in the political and economic realms directly impacts me, people I love and communities of which I am a part. The great impact and beauty of collective mutual aid and healing that I have seen first-hand inspires me to support partnership and caring economies in my work and life”. – Ilene Palacios


Quincey Tickner, CPS Social Media and Community Outreach Associate, brings a strong background in journalism and social media and works with young social justice organizations and leaders in rethinking what a just society looks like in today’s modern world. Quincey holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from American University in Washington D.C. and is a passionate advocate for safe and fair elections. Over the 2020 election, Quincey helped launch SeeSay2020, a crowdsourced map of voter suppression across the country, that not only brought attention to voter suppression, but helped solve and fix most of the instances so that everyone was able to carry out their right to vote. Quincey is passionate about teaching young organizers about the benefits of a partnership/caring economy as many communities are starting to have the conversations about moving away from domination based systems.

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