2021: From Ignorance to Understanding

February 11, 2021

By Bela Hatvany, Co-Founder, Mustardseed Trust

For thousands of years humankind in its ignorance has systematically destroyed its habitat. We have turned each of our population centers into deserts. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon and the Sahara in the West and the Loess Plateau in China.

In 2020 everyone suddenly invested in sustainable energy. The financial community suddenly recognised that we could capture and store and make available the sun’s energy. This energy is cheap and superabundant. We no longer need to destroy our habitat by burning oil and trees. Sustainable energy is cheaper than fossil energy. What a superb investment!

In historical time humanity has come to think that we need to dominate nature to survive. The rate at which we are destroying our habitat has recently accelerated dramatically. The invention of the John Deere tractor enabling deep ploughing is an example of misunderstandings that have caused this acceleration.

As we partner with the earth we will experience abundance. Domination will no longer be sensible.

We have also dramatically improved our understanding of the magnificence of nature and how superabundant it can be, especially when we partner with it instead of trying to dominate it.

No-till agriculture, keeping the soil covered at all times and a myriad of other new understanding contributing to soil health are beginning to spread. Producers (farmers) all over the place are discovering that they can work less, spend less and produce more by focusing on soil health.

Soil health cleans the atmospheres and the oceans, produces healthy and abundant food.

Soon the financial communities will make a second dramatic discovery, that supporting producers to transition from traditional agriculture to permaculture is a superb investment opportunity.

We are having an opportunity to transition from ignorance to understanding into sufficiency and then super abundance. As we partner with the earth it will yield so much more and at the same time clean our atmosphere and oceans.

We will experience abundance. Domination will no longer be sensible.

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