CPS Global Alumni Gathering June 22

Are you an Alumni of CPS’ Leadership & Learning programs? Want to stay involved, learn how leaders worldwide are creatively applying Partnership and engaging the Caring Economy conversation in their communities? Join Riane Eisler, Sara Saltee and Ann Amberg on Wednesday, June 22, 2016 at 11am Pacific/ 2pm Eastern for the free online CPS Global Alumni Gathering.

This is one of our most exciting events; we are always amazed and inspired by the creative leadership approaches and success stories we hear from Alumni around the world. Change IS happening. This is your chance to listen, share, exchange resources, network and open the door for collaboration. This is YOUR event; we welcome discussion and conversation.

Come and get re-inspired to continue our vitally important work.

Program Alumni from the Caring Economy Advocates Program, the Power of Partnership, Changing Our Story, Changing Our Lives, the 2015 Leadership Series, and the Young Leaders Program are welcome to attend.

CPS Global Alumni Gathering
Wednesday, June 22, 2016
11am – 12:30pm Pacific

Questions? Email Ann at annamberg.cps@gmail.com

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