Stronger Together: The Young Women Leaders Program

The Partnership Next Generation Summit took place in June, 2016.

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Are you a young woman ready to empower yourself as a leader advocating for the value of care, gender equality and the development of our unique potential as women?

The Center for Partnership Studies Young Women Leaders Program (YLP), a 3-session live online certification course, connects young women age 15-22 from around the world in a fun, exciting and collaborative learning process. The Young Leaders Program provides the language, tools, and real-world experience you need to step confidently into leadership in your community.

Cohort participants share their personal stories and learn about the principles of an emerging partnership system that promotes peace, equality and justice, and values women’s voices. They gain the confidence to offer presentations and facili- tate dialogs wherever their activism takes them — from living rooms to classrooms and community gatherings.

Participants in the Young Women Leaders Program:

  • Build confidence in speaking up for self-empowerment, the value of women’s voices and gender equality
  • Get inspired, network and share stories with passionate change makers
  • Add value to their community with a new framework for social change
  • Strengthen their presentation and facilitation skills
  • Join a powerful and growing global alumni community of Certified Leaders taking action around the world
  • Learn about new social categories of domination and partnership systems that empower us to co-create a better future for future generations

After Completing the Program

Young Women Leaders Program graduates become certified as Partnership Leaders and connect with other young women around the world who are passionate about igniting transformational change. Graduates of the program describe their experience “amazing and life-changing."

Your voice counts — be part of the shift to a partnership world!

Course fee: Sliding scale $0-$125

Facilitated by Ann Amberg, Associate Director of CPS' Leadership & Learning Programs, and Brie Mathers, founder of Love the Skin You're In.

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Young Women Leaders are changing the conversation, and changing the world

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Yuli Rodriguez California, USA | Young Women Leaders Program 2015
I feel empowered by solidarity and inspired by the awesome conversations we had. I plan on inspiring others to spread love to the world.
Cassandra Bicakci California, USA | Young Leaders Program 2013
I feel like I gained a lot of confidence, and I’m more ready to question things that aren’t working rather than just accept them as a way of life.
Aliya Farmanali Nevada, USA | Young Leaders Program 2013
I am so grateful to have been a part of the first Cohort for Young Leaders. Engaging with such wonderful people from around the world and receiving guidance from such amazing Cohort facilitators has truly been a blessing!
Anjali Devkumar California, USA | Young Leaders Program 2013
If I could describe my experience in the Young Leaders Program with just one word, I’d say it has been life-changing.
Molly Meadows California, USA | Young Leaders Program 2014
What a fun process this has been, thank you again for allowing me into the class without a fee, it means the world to me. I can’t wait to see where this all goes as this is surely just the beginning....
Zara Kitson Scotland, UK | Young Leaders Program 2013
What I call ‘The Heart of the Matter’ is my hope to inspire people to work together to shape a prosperous and caring economy that speaks for people, for our planet, and for business.

Partnership Leaders Speak Up

Young Leaders talk about what has heart and meaning for them as advocates for a more equitable and caring world.

The Partnership Learning Community

Connect with Alumni Worldwide

The Partnership Learning Community is the growing online community hub of the Center for Partnership Studies’ Leadership and Learning Programs. To date, there 300+ graduates of the Changing Our Story and the Community Advocates Program in 17 countries.

In the PLC, alumni and current course participants access resources and materials related to their learning. Community members can network with one another, contribute to the Blog and Forum, and share news and updates on their activities related to the partnership and caring economy movements.

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