What Can I Do about Leadership Development?

“Around the world people see the increasing gap between the nature of the challenges we face in our societies and the capacities of traditional institutions, with their hierarchical and paternalistic management structures. Whether you look at the largest issues in the world, such as global climate destabilization, or the particular challenges of individual institutions in communities (for example, changing the culture of a particular business or school), this gap appears again and again. We are trying to accomplish changes that simply cannot be accomplished given the way we are going about it. It is sort of like trying to fly while you are in a boat.” - Peter Senge, in A Conversation with Peter Senge: Transforming Organizational Cultures by Riane Eisler

If you are a leadership trainer or coach, an organization development consultant, or other professional concerned with the quality of leadership and the health of organizations, you’ll find that the partnership system offers a powerful set of concepts and tools to help build the capacities needed to meet the challenges of our time.

Partnership cultures in organizations begin with leaders who can leave behind top-down, fear-based strategies for managing employees and relating to customers.  These leaders recognize that they need new partnership skills to build relationships of mutual respect and mutual benefit and take a systems view.

Discover the Principles of Partnership Organizations
The Partnership Organization: A Systems Approach by Riane Eisler and Alfonso Montuori
The Domination/Partnership Scale in Workplaces
A Conversation with Peter Senge: Transforming Organizational Cultures by Riane Eisler

Explore First-Person Accounts of Being a Partnership Leader
Intergalactic Leadership: Practical Tips for Leading Where No One Has Gone Before
by Peg A Lonnquist
Compass: Creating Exceptional Organizations: A Leader's Guide by William F. Brandt Jr.


Leadership Stories

Learn how our partners at the University of Minnesota are applying partnership theory in health care organizations

Our partners at the University of Minnesota are leading the way in the application of Riane Eisler’s cultural transformation theory to their own leadership practices and to the challenges of transforming the cultures of healthcare organizations. Their work can be applied to different professional fields which are impacted negatively by the legacy of domination. Here are some examples of their work:

Partnership-Based Health Care: Suggestions for Effective Application, by Teddie M. Potter
Themes in Health Care Culture: Application of Cultural Transformation Theory by Julie Kennedy Oehlert
Building a Leadership Culture for Environmental Health in a Nurse-Led Clinic by Shanda L Demorest, Teddie M. Potter, Jane Anderson, Kylee Funk, Michelle Napral, and Austin Wagner
Improving Primary Care with Human-Centered Design and Partnership-Based Leadership by May-Lynn Andresen, Teddie M. Potter