By Riane Eisler

Tomorrow’s Children: A Blueprint for Partnership Education in the 21st Century by Riane Eisler goes beyond conventional debates about educational reform to what today's and tomorrow's children need to survive and flourish.

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Tomorrow’s Children recommends sweeping changes in both the content and process of teaching and maintains that ideas of struggle, conquest, and destruction can successfully be supplanted by those of cooperation, mutual aid, and respect for creation. The result is a revolutionary and inspiring picture of how education–and by extension, society–might look in the twenty-first century.

Partnership education will be part of everyone’s consciousness, as the whole community will recognize that children are our most precious resource–to be nurtured, cultivated, and encouraged to flower in the unique ways each of us can. Partnership schools will be resources of and for the whole community, linked to other schools, communities, and nations through electronic communications fostering a world community. In partnership schools, tomorrow’s children will form visions of what can be and acquire the understandings and skills to make these visions come true. (Adapted from the Epilogue to Tomorrow’s Children).

Reviews & Accolades

"Riane Eisler argues persuasively that the adoption of a partnership model in both schools and the larger society is essential for human life to flourish…. With her, I believe that human happiness, if not survival itself, depends on it."—Nel Noddings, Professor, Stanford University

“…an important and powerful manifesto… a loving alternative to the technocratic nonsense that often dominates the school reform debates."– Rabbi Michael Lerner, author of The Politics of Meaning

“…a compelling framework for developing lessons that speak to the urgency of the environmental and social challenges facing us…Inviting readers to think outside conventional boxes of educational reform, this is an ambitious, imaginative and practical guide to a better educational future." — Publishers Weekly

“No philosophical, meandering treatise, this book presents practical activities for encouraging collaboration in the classroom.”—American School Board Journal

“Timely, inspirational, and challenging, this book offers a balanced and useful approach to education and the development of humanity."— Library Journal

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