By Riane Eisler

The ERA Handbook: What ERA Means to Your Life, Your Rights, and the Future, blueprinted one of the most important social movements of our time. The Equal Rights Handbook presents the case for the ERA as a matter of simple justice.

When it was originally published, The ERA Handbook was the only mass paperback on the Equal Rights Amendment.

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Reviews & Accolades

The Equal Rights Handbook has been hailed as: "...a wonderful book. You've done an enormous job in winning the fight for equality. Your work will be used, by me and by others, in this long hard struggle for simple decency the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment." —Alan Alda

"Riane Eisler has written the definitive book on the ERA." —Erica Jong

"At last the significance and impact of ERA as law has been made clear by an attorney and legal authority who is also a woman, a mother, and who can write!" —Carol Burnett

"...demonstrates that ERA is the missing link in our struggle to become a fully democratic nation. It is basic reading for every American woman." —Nancy Neuman, ERA Chair, League of Women Voters

"...clears up the distortions leveled against the Equal Rights Amendment and provides essential information on organizing and fund-raising to promote equality for women." —Ruth Hinerfeld, President, League of Women Voters

"...answers the misleading charges about ERA. More importantly, it answers the hard questions raised by those whose minds can be changed. At a crucial time, the Equal Rights Handbook is a necessary companion to help win ratification." —David Cohen, President, Common Cause

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