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The Caring and Connected Parenting: A Guide to Raising Connected Children is a short, accessible handbook to guide partnership parenting in the early years. Based on the latest neuroscience research, the guide contains sections for newborns to one year, one to two years, two to three years, and three to four years old. There is also a parents section and an additional section for parents who come from abusive backgrounds.


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All of our partner organizations provide useful and current resources.

Here are some additional resources to support your learning in the area of faith-based work to end intimate violence:



Protecting the Majority of Humanity: Toward an Integrated Approach to Crimes Against Present and Future Generations by Riane Eisler

Breaking the Devastating Link Between International Terrorism and Intimate Violence by Riane Eisler

Check out VAWNet - a project of the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence and a treasure trove of resources for faith-based and multi-cultural work.

The Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership Studies: Women's Rights, Human Rights, and Duties: From Domination to Partnership, by Lester R. Kurtz, George Mason University

The Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership Studies: Bringing Partnership Home: A Model of Family Transformation, by Julie de Azevedo Hanks, Wasatch Family Therapy


May, 2018. Uncovering the Roots of Violence: New Perspectives on Domestic Violence, Social Justice, and Faith. Speakers include Riane Eisler, internationally known for her work to reveal the deep historical and cultural foundations of misogyny and violence in books such as The Chalice and the Blade and Sacred Pleasure; Julie Owens, a ground-breaking trainer in the field of domestic violence prevention and victim advocacy, and Ron Clark, Church-Planter and Minister of Portland, Oregon’s Agape Church of Christ, who has authored Freeing the Oppressed and developed innovative approaches to enrolling clergy-people as effective advocates for those who are victimized or oppressed.






June, 2018. Questions You Asked: Further Conversations on Domestic Violence, Social Justice, and Faith with Julie Owens and Ron Clark—learn about specific ways we can work together to change cultures of violence in our homes, our places of worship, and our communities.






February 18, 2014. The SAIV Community Partnership in Portland, Oregon presented a panel presentation on the topic of Child Custody "Scandal Cases" and the failure of the family court system to protect the children of mothers who flee abuse. Features Rev. Warren Light, Esq., Dr. Jack Straton (NOMAS), Paula Lucas (AODVC), April Robyn and her daughter, Amanda Hazen. Conversation held January 6, 2014 at Marylhurst University.