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In the powerful book The Real Wealth of Nations: Creating a Caring Economics, eminent social scientist, Riane Eisler shows that the great problems of our time — such as poverty, inequality, war, terrorism, and environmental degradation — are due largely to flawed economic systems that set the wrong priorities and mis-allocate resources.

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Economics as if Caring Matters
Why is caring for children not a central part of economic thinking, metrics, and policies? Caring is essential for human survival and development. Yet caring is undervalued and underpaid. A caring economy calls for a different model of sustainable growth and development, as described in this article from the journal Challenge.

Poverty and Women in the U.S.
This article, published in the 2014 Shriver Report, shows that a major reason that one-third of American women live in poverty or on its brink is the failure of U.S. policies to support care work.

Women, Men, and the Global Quality of Life
The status of women can be a better predictor of a nation’s general quality of life than GDP--so found the pioneering 1995 CPS study Women, Men, and the Global Quality of Life (by Riane Eisler, David Loye, and Kari Norgaard), which examines statistical data from 89 nations.

Women, Men, and the Global Quality of Life, published in 1995 in time for the Beijing United Nations Women’s Conference, shows why we need new economic measurements: economic indicators that take into account the social construction of gender roles and relations as a key variable in how a society develops and allocates its resources. This CPS study supports the common sense conclusion that gender equity or inequity (that is, systematic discrimination and violence against women and female children) is a major factor for overall quality of life, not only for women, but also for men and children of both genders.

The New Economic Visionaries: The Caring Economy
Article by Riane Eisler, World Pulse Magazine, November 2009

A Full-Spectrum Job Creation Proposal
This report proposes that investment in the real wealth of our nation – its people – is essential to stimulate our economy, help families, radically reduce poverty and violence, reward women’s economic contributions, save billions in crime and prisons, and produce the “high quality human capital” needed for our post-industrial economy. The Full-Spectrum Job-Creation Proposal was presented to President Obama and used by U.S. policy makers in drafting their final 2009 job creation program.