Ariana Newcomer announces the new Wise Woman Immersion program

Ariana Newcomer

August 9, 2018
The Center for Partnership Studies is excited to share the announcement of Partnership Practitioner Ariana Newcomer’s new program The Wise Woman Immersion

The Wise Woman Immersion is a deep creative spiritual journey into your inner wisdom, next level of personal healing, healing of the collective, and your latest sacred reinvention of yourself.

These times are calling us strongly into the next level of our soul’s evolution. We are being challenged to step up, speak out, and act to heal our collective shadow and help elevate human consciousness.

It is time for women everywhere to claim our earned wisdom and reinvent ourselves yet again as mentors and leaders for these times.

If you’ve been looking for powerful, transformative practices for greater awakening, healing and living your life as a vital Wise Woman, join us for The Wise Woman Immersion group program.

In The Wise Woman Immersion, you will:

• Learn a profound and creative process to access deep personal and spiritual wisdom that you can use on a daily basis.

• Sharpen your capacities to perceive subtle dimensions and receive higher guidance from Spirit. • Discover and use Subtle Activism, a method for building profound levels of group synergy to affect healing and positive change in the collective.

• Reclaim your authentic voice. Release old stories that are stopping you from fully expressing all that you are. Align your inner voice with your outer voice. Speak with power and confidence.

• Receive guided meditations you can use over and over to clear, energize, and harmonize your chakras and energy systems.

• Learn the Partnership paradigm, and how to use it to align and harmonize your inner parts, and create Partnership with others and with Earth.

• Activate your Womb Chakra for higher creativity and greater access to the Divine Mother of All.

• Become your highest and deepest potential self, fully sovereign in your own being. Embody and integrate your divine self into your embodied self, and speak in your Soul’s Voice.

• Envision and begin your next reinvention of yourself in this phase of your life.

• Belong to an inspired community of wise women and change makers dedicated to bringing new hope and positive change to the world.

Learn more here:

A CPS Certified Partnership Practitioner, Ariana Newcomer specializes in healing the soul’s voice to joyfully express its divine purpose. An intuitive healer, energy worker and voice healer since 1984, Ariana is a Dove Oracle Priestess, Harvard graduate, Massage Therapist, SoulCollage® Facilitator, and former professional opera singer. She is the creator of The Wise Woman Immersion program, and the Reclaiming The Wise Woman Elder Summit, and is an internationally published best-selling author and mom of 2. Contact Ariana:

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