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CPS is creating a brand new catalog of webinars and self-paced online courses offered through a multi-media, intuitive learning platform that will enable you to engage with self-directed learning in a whole new way. The new course catalog will include full video replays of CPS’ 2017-2020 webinars, as well as new versions of our foundational courses.

Our new catalog of self-paced online courses will launch in 2021 with an updated version of Riane Eisler’s course Changing Our Story, Changing Our Lives.  Additional courses will be rolling out throughout 2021 and beyond.


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People Are Saying:


“Riane Eisler's work provides a sense of liberation and hope. It has given me a new perspective on why there is so much unnecessary pain in our society - and how awareness about the dominator/partnership paradigm can create change towards a more caring, sustainable world.”
—Cherri Pruitt, Colorado, USA, maternal & child health consultant, policy analyst


"Responsible cultural transformation is a powerful idea whose time has come. I believe this is why it inspired such great commitment and engagement from the class - a truly memorable conversation."
—Beatrice Churu, Nairobi, Kenya, Deputy Principal Academic, Tanzaga College