A Different Lens for Viewing the Craziness

Pamela Hale

March 4, 2017: Read the new Huffington Post article by CPS Power of Partnership Alumni Pamela Hale. Pamela writes: “We are asking ourselves, “Am I supporting and perpetuating the dominator principle, which relies on power over another, or am I living out a partnership approach based on caring, empathy and respect?”

This post features an overview of Riane Eisler’s four cornerstones of building a partnership culture:

1. Partnership childhood relations

2. Partnership gender relations

3. Caring economics and

4. Shifting cultural beliefs, myths and stories

Pamela offers her framework for a personal call to action:
How can we practice awareness of our everyday role in resisting a dominator mindset and contributing to partnership?

Pamela completed the Center for Partnership Studies’ The Power of Partnership workshop in March, 2017. She is a certified Partnership Practitioner. For more information on this popular program see: centerforpartnership.org/powerofpartnership

Read more: www.huffingtonpost.com

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