Which kind of society do we choose to create – Domination or Partnership? Interview with Debra Moffitt

Do we choose a world of cooperation and kindness or fear and authoritarian control? The model we choose, whether conscious or not, defines our quality of life.

There is an alternative to the domination model of power that we are experiencing now in the U.S. where women, childcare, and mothering are undervalued. In a partnership society, both men and women are equally valued. The people, groups and societies based on partnership value non-violence and caring.

Read Debra Moffitt’s new article Are You Partner or Dominator?

—and read her new interview with Center for Partnership Studies president Riane Eisler on Unity FM radio – “Divinely Inspired Living” with Debra Moffitt.

Debra is a participant in the Spring, 2017 Power of Partnership leadership cohort.

Dr. Riane Eisler is the author of The Chalice and the Blade, The Real Wealth of Nations, and The Power of Partnership. Learn more about Partnership and Caring Economy in the Center for Partnership Studies’ Leadership & Learning Programs.


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