What Can I Do About Youth Empowerment?

Young women and men are preparing to navigate our growing economic and environmental challenges in a shifting landscape of values. They are systems-savvy, they sense the urgency of our moment in history, and they are uniquely poised to be the partnership leaders of tomorrow.

Whether you are a parent, educator, healthcare practitioner, counselor, or community leader, you can help guide our future leaders in their search to uncover the unique gifts that only they can contribute to their community.

As a young person, you have a pivotal role to play in shaping a culture of partnership. The Center for Partnership Studies can support your vision of becoming a leader in a new, emerging partnership system that thrives on respect, equity, and working together for the mutual good of all. If you were raised in a domination family system, in an atmosphere of fear, control, and power over others, you know from personal experience how crucial it is that we work together to cultivate a cultural shift to a caring social system that values all voices and practices an empathetic, non-violent, “power with” and “power to” rather than “power over” approach to human and earth relations.

Partnership Next Gen
CPS’ Partnership Next Gen program offers resources, mentoring, webinars, education, and other tools to empower your learning journey towards partnership systems literacy. We help you find your voice, express it, and take action. The program features partnership-trained educators working within schools and organizations as cultural change agents, using inspired, holistic approaches to encourage media literacy, body-image awareness, attitude shifts in gender relations, and show you how to advocate for respectful, caring family relationships and positive self-identity.


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Things to Do

Write a blog post for CPS
We’ll help you edit it, and we’ll post it in the Global Leader’s Blog, the CPS newsletter, and social media.

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Create a community meet-up group in your neighborhood.
Read about Travis Prechtell, who established Partnership Living Portland in Portland, OR.

Start a Caring Economy Club at your school.
Watch a short video by Anjali Devakumar, a Caring Economy leader who co-founded a Caring Economy club and community project at her high school in Fremont, CA.

Invite a Partnership Next Gen speaker to offer a presentation at your school.

Visit the Partnership Next Gen program.

Partnership Next Gen


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