What Can I Do as a Caregiver?

You are engaged in the most important human work—caregiving.

However, your caregiving work has historically been devalued—as “soft” or “feminine”—just “women’s work.” At the same time, conquest, domination, and violence has been associated with men and “real masculinity.”

This gendered system of values is our legacy from more rigid domination times. It maintained women, who were supposed to do this work for free in male-controlled households, in subordinate and dependent roles. Even when this work was remunerated, it has been woefully underpaid.

This gendered system of values has also blinded us to the enormous economic value of care work. To have a healthy and prosperous society, we must change the devaluation of caregiving.

The Center for Partnership Studies's Caring Economy Program shifts mindsets and supports action. It has developed new Social Wealth economic measures that demonstrate the true value of care and identifies the investments needed for a better quality of life and economic health.


Join us in making the case for valuing care to policy-makers, business leaders, and the media.

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