Partnership Next Gen

At the Center for Partnership Studies, we recognize that the next generation—our young leaders—are our greatest resource in the growing partnership movement. They are empowered to hold and manifest a new vision of a thriving, peaceful and environmentally viable world. They have the skills to address complex, real-world issues and help build a shared partnership society from the ground up, where all voices count.

Young partnership and caring economy leaders are active globally organizing community groups, building innovative new economic systems that work for all, changing the way social media is used, working in policy change, and modeling partnership leadership in powerful ways.

Partnership-Trained Educators

The Partnership Next Gen program features the work of partnership-trained educators who are working within schools and organizations as effective cultural change agents, using inspired, holistic approaches to encourage media literacy, attitude shifts in gender roles and relations, and advocate for respectful, caring family relationships and positive self-identity.

Brie Mathers, outspoken CPS Partnership leader and founder of Love the Skin You’re In, is an activist and motivational speaker who has presented to more than 100,000 teens worldwide through her multimedia in-school events. Brie’s resiliency project empowers young women to think critically about their place in society, and about the popular and social media messages they are receiving about body image, sexuality, and self-worth. Brie’s message deeply resonates with the students that receive her vibrant presentations in schools in the US, Canada and Europe. Brie is member of the CPS Speaker’s Bureau.
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John Creger is a high-school English teacher in Fremont, CA, and certified Partnership and caring economy leader. He regularly shares CPS webinar replays with his students and weaves partnership and caring economy principles into his innovative Personal Creed Project curriculum. John’s students have written essays such as ‘Women and the Partnership Future’, and, as graduates of the CPS Young Leaders Program, founded a caring economy school club and caring economy community service project. John writes: “My mission is to share with as many teachers as possible what I’m learning about how to make a partnership approach to education alive and real in students’ lives”.
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What I’m Learning About Partnership Education


Using original curriculum based on Riane Eisler's work, Jen Taylor serves as a guest lecturer for Philosophy and Partnership Studies at several East Coast colleges. She taught a four part Philosophy lecture series based on Eisler's The Chalice and the Blade at University of Connecticut, Middlesex Community College, and Wesleyan College: ‘Dominator Problems & Partnership Solutions’. Jen writes: "My experience teaching/sharing this material is that the students are hungry for the information. Many are shut down to begin with and at the heart of the matter, my sense is that they are relieved to gain the ability to digest the troubling nature of our times with the knowledge that we are capable of acting differently in the world". Thank you Jen for creatively introducing Riane Eisler’s work and partnership values to your higher education students.
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Read more about Jen's inspired approach to teaching partnership philosophy: University Partnership Educator Jen Taylor: Students are Hungry for this Information

Empowering and Educating

Partnership education empowers young people to make thoughtful choices by offering them alternative experiences, environments, and narratives. Partnership education offers an integrative approach that puts the joy back into education for teachers and students.

Through the Partnership Next Gen program, CPS strives to support educators who are using the partnership systems framework in their work with young people. The program also sponsors online and live learning intergenerational events and provides materials for educators.

Download and share "Stronger Together", a slide show for young leaders.

Learn more about what you can do as an educator:


What Can I Do as an Educator?


Riane Eisler and Tessa Freeman at the Cornerstones of Democracy event in New York City.

“It was such an honor to meet you last Tuesday at Cornerstones of Democracy. Your book The Chalice and the Blade is so inspiring and insightful and reading it was a life-changing experience for me. I hope to do everything I can to push for a return to the principles you have taught me were once nearly universal. I dream of a day this will once again be true.” Yours in admiration, — Tessa Freeman




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Are you using Partnership materials in your classroom or in your work with young people? Let us know!

K-12 Teachers: you can receive CEUs or credit for your partnership and caring economy research or activism, or for attending any CPS online event. Contact Ann for more information.