Caring Economy Advocacy

Starting a Study/Action Group

Many community groups, including book clubs, use Eisler's work to learn about partnership systems. This link includes valuable resources from Riane Eisler's site.

Webinar: watch an introduction to the Caring Economy:

The Caring Economy

Leadership Stories

Learn how Caring Economy leaders are taking action in their communities.

Robert Riley
Albuquerque, NM
Even before his certification as a Caring Economy Advocate, Bob launched an Economic Reform Advocacy Group at his Unitarian Church that includes a Caring Economy team. “My focus in the area of economics is deeply internalizing and then spreading Riane Eisler's concepts of a Caring Economy so that my voice can be added to those many connected souls who say we can and must develop a national (and global) economic engine which serves all humanity”.


Kate Duva
Chicago, IL
Kate champions America’s original “department of defense”: the millions of caregivers who hold people’s lives in their hands, and build peace on a daily basis. She is working on an exciting project with Hand in Hand: The Domestic Employer Network, creators of the Fair Care Pledge. “Think of it as a fair trade movement for care! We recognize that our dignity is linked with the dignity of the people who we depend on to clean and care for our homes and loved ones, and we offer workshops and communication tools to foster stronger, longer-lasting partnerships between domestic workers and employers”.
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Anjali Devakumar
Fremont, CA
Anjali founded the first Caring Economy Club at American High School in Fremont, CA. They recruited 70 members and sponsored a community service day volunteering for a local organization that grows fresh produce and donates it to feed Bay Area residents in need. “Our first event was a huge success! I’m so proud of the work we accomplished. We truly made a difference that day, and the members of Leaf Stone Gardens and the City of Fremont were very grateful for our help! Caring Economy focuses on raising awareness on social issues (esp. in regard to teaching, care work, etc.), and we have made that a huge focus in our club”.