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  1. Mark Brouwer Reply

    Great writing! The caring economy is indeed significant in the contributions to our social and cultural wellbeing. GDP is so bogus as a measure of national economic “success” because it’s rigged to ignore carbon costs or the very real cost to human lives from production of weapons of mass destruction. We need more weapons of mass Instruction! Indeed, I share your hurt for the attacks on education over the past 10 years. If we are to survive this war on education, we must go underground, to foster and care for communities of people working to better this world; regardless of the destructive ramblings of the uneducated, corporately corrupt, political puppets.

  2. Stephanie Hiller Reply

    Riane, I’ve just read your report, I think it is excellent! But it’s a long range plan. How can we put that into motion fast enough to address the urgency of climate change?

  3. Annie (Pink Eagle) Olson Reply

    It seems many of us have been shown this same vision. The Human Family being made of two wings-male and female-and the need of these two wings to be balanced and working together in order for the Human Family to fly. To see from above solutions we can’t see here on the ground.

    Dianne Eister, I came across your name yesterday in the book by Martianne Willianson, Healing the American Soul. The page I’ve read for years. The need of the Native American Voice to heal our country. I am so glad you are doing what you’re doing. This center sounds wonderful!

    I married a full-blood Tlingit in 1963 and am now as red as I am white. The red and white within me more at peace. Why I call myself Pink Eagle. It only takes a tiny bit of red to make white pink.

  4. Lisle Baker Reply


  5. Carina Coen Reply

    Greetings from London
    My name is Carina Coen I would like to share with you my eco mythology educational fantasy novel
    “Sylvie’s Wish” as I believe story telling has a unique way of opening people’s minds and hearts as to how we can heal the complex issues facing our environment and how to love ourselves and change the economy into a Caring Economy. I am truly inspired by these wise women coming together and want to share my work with you. I only have my book in physical form printed on recycled algae with bio degradable inks and now available in my local library as I feel immeadiate community and those around you is the right place to start to share this important message about the divine feminine.
    Carina Coen

  6. Cecilia Prada Reply

    I am a veteran Brazilian writer and journalist, and have been an admirer of
    Riane Eisler in the last 20 years, at least. But I dont know if there is any movement here in Brazil interested in propalling her ideas. Please inform me about this. I propose to do this job and, at your request, I´ll send more information about my career and my possibilities. I won the ESSO Prize of Journalism in 1980 , when I was working in Folha de São Paulo.

  7. Jan Oberg Reply

    Dear Riane
    My heartfelt congratulations – so well deserved!!
    Thanks for all you do for a better, more benign and peaceful world – I feature your stuff from time to time at the social media we manage at TFF.
    Also congratulations to the 30th anniversary of that classical book – that you introduced to so many in Copenhagen when we met for the first time.
    I wish you every strength and good health – the Western world is in deep crisis and the US Empire will fall. One must hope without more violence – and thereafter it will be a better world for us all, a cooperating world and not a confrontation/dominance/militarist world.

  8. Teddie Potter Reply

    When I first read The Chalice and the Blade in the early 1990’s I thought to myself, “She is describing my lived experience of the United States’ domination-filled health care system!” Riane’s cultural transformation theory gave me a language to call out the domination behaviors and a template for building a better system based on partnership.

    Congratulations on 3o years of building a better future!

    -Teddie Potter, Executive Editor of the Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership Studies

  9. Margaret Frimoth Reply

    The Chalice and the Blade was instrumental in supporting my initially timid beliefs about leaning toward Partnership and away from systems of Domination. Because of Riane’s research, I have been able to introduce concepts of cultural transformation into many areas of my professional career. The Chalice and the Blade provided the foundation for my “heart work” — the creation of safe, healing community-based camps for child survivors of sexual abuse. I doubt that the camp program would continue today without Riane Eisler’s clear vision of transformative Partnership systems. The Chalice and the Blade is a tremendous gift to the world. Congratulations, Riane, on 30 years of commitment, dedication, and transformation!

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  11. Prof Dr Hasan Bin Mad Reply

    Dear Aleka,

    Impressive work by CPS.

    Indeed SWEI is a much better indicator of growth with equality and prosperity.

    I am running an NGO here in Malaysia, wish to be linked directly to CPS for future works in Malaysia on SWEI and Partnership Studies.

  12. Ann Amberg Reply

    Professor Hasan Bin Mad,
    Thank you for your comment on the post “A new economy that recognizes the value of care: 2018 Futures Congress”. You might also refer to the Caring Economy Campaign’s website on SWEIs:

    I’ve added you to our mailing list and you will receive program Caring Economy and Partnership-related program announcements. Most of our programs are online events accessible anywhere in the world.

    Let us know if you have additional questions!

    Thank you,
    Ann Amberg
    CPS Associate Director of Leadership & Learning

  13. Rhonda Reply

    Fabulous Interview.
    If the paradigm shift is happening now (and it is!) it is in no small part because of the seeds of partnership thinking Riane has been planting for decades, tirelessly, with extraordinary grace and courage. Thank you, Center for Partnership Studies and thank you Riane!

  14. Jill and David Reply

    Wow, well done dear Antonella, what a wonderful accolade. Well deserved.

  15. Bertinetti Paolo Reply

    Antonella Riem and her latest book undisputedly deserve the inaugural prize

  16. JSD Mellick Reply

    Dear Antonella,

    hy ami I not surprised!! Cingratulation plus plus – more than well deserved!!


  17. Professor Brian Matthews Reply

    A wonderful achievement Antonella, a fitting accolade among many others in a career studded with the fruits of close literary critical study, ground-breaking and innovative research and sheer initiative and resilience.

  18. Maria Bortoluzzi Reply

    Well deserved recognition for a long-standing research activity and dissemination in the field of Partnership Studies. Congratulations!
    Thank you, Antonella, for having involved so many of us in this area of research and practice.

  19. Igor Reply

    Good stuff indeed, congrats. Antonella is much deserving in spreading Partnership Studies in this part of Europe and wider.

  20. Randa Akeia Reply

    I’m excited by all I’ve read of this. I’m looking for current access to classes etc. for 2018.

  21. Coral Ann Howells Reply

    Dear Antonella, You have been so innovative and generous in your scholarship- huge congratulations on being awarded this international prize. Just the right kind of reward and visibility to promote your further research and publications!


    Great news,Antonella!
    We are proud of you! Your prize brought rain here in Kolkata.

    My wishes and love,
    jaydeep sarangi

  23. JSD Mellick Reply

    Dear Antonella, a truly fitting acknowledgement of your scholarship, mastery of your subject and linguistic competence. .Heartiest congratulations his recognition of your academic excellence.

    Stanton Mellick

  24. Giulia Bancheri Reply

    Dear Professor,

    Congrats (well deserved)!!! And thank you for offering me the opportunity to learn about all this.

  25. Jaydeep Reply

    Great news! Well deserved prize.
    You inspire us.

    Light and love from Kolkata!

  26. Anna Pia De Luca Reply

    My warmest congratulations to you Antonella for this amazing award which you well deserve after years of hard work and sincere conviction in the importance of partnership studies. Thank you for encouraging many of us to be part of your group.

  27. Veronica Monet Reply

    I just began a #MeToo men’s group with the purpose of connecting men’s hearts and emotions to both their perpetrations and the ways in which they have been perpetrated against. What I am learning is astounding. These men are sharing how they have been abused by both men and women as well as the ways in which they have been abusive of others. My focus is on moving past the perpetrator/victim paradigm and into the human experience and expression of dominance and violence. I teach my anger management as well as my Five Steps to Exquisite Partnership. If you are interested in knowing more about my work, let me know.

  28. Apirana Taylorh Reply

    Congratulations Antonella. Well done and a timely reward for all your work internationally.

  29. Nella Maccarrone Reply

    Dear Antonella,
    I am sending my deeply felt congratulations on the well deserved prize you have been awarded!

  30. Professor Jill Mellick Reply

    My congratulations to Professor Antonella! I’m delighted to know that her remarkable, creative, and tireless work in these areas is being recognised so appropriately.
    As someone whose work she has invited to appear in “Simplegadi” and as someone who has read her work on the goddess, I have experienced working with her an witnessing her work as a breath of fresh air as well as gifted.
    Antonella, congratulations!!!!!

  31. Piera Braione Reply

    Vivissime congratulazioni Antonella. Carissima ed amatissima Maestra.

    Vermiglia rifulgenza un dì mi travolse.
    Dimora del nome dell’animo mio smarrito.
    Fucina di uno spirito che affannata rincorrevo.

    Nitido mi parve allor cammino,
    libera l’impervia strada,
    soave la fatica dell’attesa.

    Mi nominasti Dea.
    E riconobbi il mio segreto nome.
    Velato in una spira.

    Ti nominai Madre.
    E riconobbi il tuo segreto nome.
    Avvolto in una crocchia di Lupa.

  32. Mz Melody Rhapsody Shaughnessy Reply

    Dear Vironica Monet, as a woman of Wits (womankind in transitions) in tandem with Mits . . . i.e. Men in Transitions in Fits . . i.e. Families in Transtions . . . in Partnership with the phenomenal mentoring of the Center for Partnership Studies . . I commend your contribution to the #me to initiative and would to share with you some of my elderwize womanly wizedom .
    You can connect with me via and/or by phone via 919-676-1473 in Raleigh NC

  33. Tiziana Reply

    Dear Antonella, congratulations!
    Well deserved prize for all your energy in spreading Partnership Studies with experimental and inter-disciplinary approach. Your work is enlightening!

  34. Bonnie Sammons Reply

    So excited to see this movement to get Riane some coverage! I’ll share this with friends nd colleagues!

  35. Virginia Woods Reply

    Congratulations Antonella! Great recognition-well done xx

  36. Ronald Quick Reply

    1) My Museum Curator, Gayle O’Hara, suggested I read The Real Wealth of Nations which leads to:
    2) no mention of the Bahá’í Faith where wars cease with gender equality;
    3) no mention of Matriarchal Societies, try China and Indonesia;
    4) how, suddenly, Y chromosomes disappear in Communist China and Saudia Arabia;
    5) infanticide data must specify 10% male, 1% male?

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  38. Cynthia vanden Driesen Reply

    Well-deserved recognition dear Antonella. Australian literature and indeed world literature has attracted a wonderful critical talent in you. Wishing you many more years of productive and insightful work.

  39. Lauren Jinshil Oliver Reply

    Wonderful article! Thank you, Sharon, and all good fortune for your Congressional campaign! We need leaders like you in office!

    (Lauren, please note Sharon is not currently running for office) -AA

  40. Ann Amberg Reply

    Thank you Brie for your wonderful energy, mentorship and wisdom holding the hearts and minds of these audiences of boys and girls — they are the next generation of Partnership leaders!

  41. John Creger Reply

    Greetings! I’m especially pleased to see this student presentation video here, one of the more inspired I’ve recorded in the classroom. This team was from my least “academic” class last year. Nonetheless, at points through the year each member of this team produced at least one top essay. To have them all working together on this team, and on this topic, was pretty special.

    One compelling point about this video is the partnership values these kids demonstrate in their presentation. Though not as smooth and professional as kids in an honors class would be, this diverse team shows a cohesive collaboration in their presentation. They show a commitment to the common good. And they show a clear willingness to stand up for the rights of one another’s cultures.

    What partnership elements of the course and my teaching would you guess set them up to create this presentation?

  42. Nancy Sabin Reply

    Pls include specific tips on HOW to ensure that public events, such as nonprofit events or school-oriented events, are more inclusive?

  43. Ingrid Kepler-May Reply

    very much interested in how women can save the world through empathy, collaboration and partnership with existing patriarchy!!

  44. Liz Copeland Reply


    My message “disappeared” before I had finished. I was writing to respond to your posting and I wonder: Did my incomplete regarding conversation on how to promote cross-pollinate between Riane’s Partnership/Domination model and anti-racism work reach you.

    Many thanks!

  45. Riva Gilman Reply


    I am an over 60 woman living in Brooklyn, NY. Can you tell me if there are any groups near me where I can participate in promoting partnership programs for the needs of women in my age group?

    Thank you!

  46. Linda Wolf Reply

    For the past 26 years we have known you Riane And partnered many times in the empowering women and girls, especially through the books that you’ve been part of that our Teen Talking Circles Project has produced, especially Daughters of the Moon, Sisters of the Sun, which can now be only purchased on Amazon but sold 50,000 copies 💪🏿 and is still as relevant today. In all the years that I have been leading girls circles, I have been enriched by knowing you and your work. Thank you so much For being one of our very first advisers. You are booked the chalice and the blade was Seminole in my own education. It would be wonderful to get in touch with you again And I very much look forward to connecting with the Ashanti And learning about his work with men and boys. And to connect with all of the organizations that are supporting this.

    • Ann Amberg Reply

      Hi Linda,
      Thank you for your lovely comment; I’ll pass it on to Riane and also to Brie Mathers.

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  49. Scott Varney Reply

    Will this speech be webcast or recorded for those unable to attend?

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  51. Catherine Timotheou Reply

    Miki I love everything you write about the questions we need to ask to move forward from a patriarchal system. EXCEPT. EXCEPT. WHY OH WHY does the word feminist need to be in there? The very word itself is separation. Implies duality in the existence of its antonym: masculine. Men suffer horribly from the inequalities fueled and perpetuated by the system termed patriarchy. The word patriarchy too sows angry resentful feelings …blaming, yes blaming, men for the injustices in the world. And what I am hearing is that people feel RIGHTEOUS about accusing men because there is a word naming the cause – and once named, making it real.
    If love to just talk about people. Us. All of us. So that those walls that words have -and are- creating can become wide open windows onto togetherness and abundance.
    I really would love to hear what comes up for you as you read this.
    With care, Cathie from Cyprus

  52. Marta Reply

    Thanks for your article, Amber! In my opinion, we women don’t need to fill “every seminary, pulpit, synagogue, mosque, and temple”… as if we needed to “conquer them” and win the battle. We just need to abandon these patriarchals religions forever. I did. Firstly, it’s very unlikely that they change their mind because, for them, it’s God’s word that men have the authority over women. Bible says so. Apostle Paul said so. Women must remain silent. Period! …And, anyway, they are not “the truth” they claim to be. So, who cares? I understood this perfectly after reading The Chalice and the Blade. They are just religions born from these domination models, and there’s no reason for us as women to stay or endorse them anymore.

  53. Wendy Reply

    I think the Bible was on theoretical stories gathered by mostly men to judge all humanity.