Women on Purpose for the Planet: Terra Christoff interviews Riane Eisler

May 1, 2019
Hear Riane Eisler’s interview with Terra Christoff for Women on Purpose for the Planet. The online series features 21 women cultural thought leaders and environmental change agents. Eisler comments: “We are creating new narratives about our human nature. What we’re learning from neuroscience is actually that whether our capacities for caring and consciousness; for creativity—and alternately, for insensitivity, cruelty and destructiveness are expressed largely depends on our cultural environments—the environments we create. The changing of the story is the discovery that we’re predisposed for caring, creativity and consciousness as a species”.


Brie Mathers interviews Riane Eisler —youth protests symptom of domination social systems

April 3, 2018
Partnership leader and founder of Love the Skin You’re In Brie Mathers interviews Dr. Riane Eisler in this timely podcast. Brie: “Youth are rising and every protest is a symptom of the larger domination system unfolding. Riane teaches us how to not only deconstruct, but reconstruct a new partnership-based social order with ancient roots”.


Riane Eisler interviewed on Chile’s cooperativa.cl (in Spanish)

January 2018
Riane gave the Master's Closing of Congress Speech at The 2018 Futures Congress in Valparaíso, Chile at the Salón Honor - Congreso Nacional (Honor Hall of the former National Congress). Hear Paula Molina interview Riane Eisler on cooperativa.cl — on going beyond capitalism and socialism to a new economic paradigm that recognizes the economic value of care.