Want to Change the World? Focus on Partnership Rather Than Domination

April 26, 2018
In their blog this month, New Dream features the recent podcast with Brie Mathers and Riane Eisler: A Conversation with Riane Eisler.  The organization, which seeks to “transform the ways we consume to improve well-being for people and the planet” interviewed Partnership leader  Brie Mathers who speaks at high school assemblies teaching thousands of girls to resist messages that source their value in the mass-marketed body images, hyper-sexualization, objectification, and false rewards of overconsumption. Brie is also starting to do these assemblies with boys, helping to free them to express their full humanity and to no longer see girls as commodities for their consumption.

New Dream states: “Young people especially are becoming aware that we can no longer sustain our present course. They’re searching for alternatives to a system of top-down rankings, be it man over man, man over woman, race over race, religion over religion, or humans over nature. This is a system that relies on substitutes for the caring connections that humans need, a system that relies on fear—whether of scarcity or violence, or in families, gender relations, communities, economics, and politics—as fear is the glue that maintains its hold.”

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