Partner News: Announcing the new PSG Udine, Italy website

On behalf of the Partnership Studies Group (PSG), we would like to share the new Partnership Studies Group website for the Udine, Italy location.

Professor Photo of Anotella Riem wearing a red dressFounded by Professor Antonella Riem and a group of researchers in 1998, PSG is “an active community of scholars based at the University of Udine, with a series of interconnected partners all over the world.”

Partnership Studies Group is the primary scholarly partner of Center for Partnership Studies and one of our most active, offering programs and courses of learning. Per the new PSG website, the aims of the Group are:

  • to investigate partnership configurations in linguistic, literary, cultural, educational and artistic contexts;
  • to disseminate the publication of research by writers, scholars and critics;
  • to organize seminars, exchanges and conferences, encouraging an international perspective upon debates in partnership studies;
  • to develop collaborative research projects with other research centres, universities, schools and cultural institutions;
  • to promote partnership education principles at university, in schools, international institutions and research centres.

The new Partnership Studies Group website will be a new digital home for the Group, providing a direct method to contact PSG and linking to information about its members, projects, publications, multimedia and more. You can visit the website at

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