Brie Mathers interviews Riane Eisler -youth protests symptom of domination social systems

April 3, 2018
Partnership leader and founder of Love the Skin You’re In Brie Mathers interviews Dr. Riane Eisler in this timely podcast. Brie: “A half-hour with my extraordinary mentor Dr. Riane Eisler, a voice of wisdom whose renowned work The Chalice and the Blade is now in 56 US editions and 26 foreign languages. Youth are rising and every protest is a symptom of the larger domination system unfolding. Riane teaches us how to not only deconstruct, but reconstruct a new partnership-based social order with ancient roots”.

“In modern history, looking through the lens of the Partnership/Domination social scale, every single progressive social movement has challenged traditions of domination.” – Riane Eisler

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