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October 29, 2019

Marta Mondéjar, a partnership leader, writer and translator in Madrid, is passionate about sharing Riane Eisler’s work with the global Spanish-speaking community. In May, 2018 she launched her personal website, Mujeres Sentadas en Círculo (“Women Sitting in a Circle”), with a focus on strengthening the partnership movement. Marta: “I’m devoting my website to the creation of a partnership Spanish-speaking community of women, where we will focus on empowering ourselves as women at the same time as we learn and spread the partnership way”.

There are several of Riane Eisler’s books and CPS publications available in Spanish editions, including The Real Wealth of Nations (La Verdadera Riqueza de Las Naciones), the Caring and Connected Parenting Guide, The Chalice and the Blade (El Caliz y la Espada), and Sacred Pleasure (Placer Sagrado).

CPS agrees with Marta that making partnership and caring economy education more widely available to Spanish-speaking communities is a wise, future-forward endeavor. In the past year, Marta has contributed countless volunteer hours translating key content and articles into Spanish. We’re requesting your help to support Marta to continue her translation work with sustainable financial support.

See samples of Marta’s translation work:
A Conversation with Peter Senge: Transforming Organizational Cultures (interview with Riane Eisler, IJPS, 2015) Una conversación con Peter Senge: transformando las culturas organizacionales
The Partnership Way, by Riane Eisler and David Loye (El estilo socidario)
What Can I Do about Leadership Development? (CPS website) ¿Qué puedo hacer con respecto al desarrollo del liderazgo?
What is the Partnership System? (CPS website) ¿Qué es el sistema de socidaridad?
The September, 2019 Safe Conversations webinar Presentación de Riane para el webinar Conversaciones Seguras 2019

“I would like to be part of a new project to bring partnership knowledge, books and articles to more than 400 million Spanish-speaking people”.

Marta shared with us recently: “My heart’s yearning is to quit my current job and become a Specialized Spanish Translator for partnership systems, and also for women wisdom and empowerment. This is what I’m passionate about!”

You can help create a sustainable funding stream for Marta’s inspired translation work into the future. CPS has shared Marta’s GoFundMe campaign on social media. Donate to Marta’s GoFundMe campaign here.

From her GoFundMe campaign: “I want to translate Riane Eisler’s work into Spanish and spread it throughout the Spanish-speaking world! If you have already read The Chalice and the Blade, you know that this work will help us to lean our society towards the partnership system. In this type of social system, the most important thing is the well-being of all human beings, the rest of living beings and our Mother Earth. I want to translate into Spanish a wealth of material created by Riane Eisler and the Center for Partnership Studies, including material for their website, social networks, articles, brochures, books, and more. With your donation, you can be part of a vital project to bring partnership knowledge to more than 400 million people in the world who speak Spanish”.

With the help of her dad and other Spanish-speaking partnership colleagues, Marta recently came up with new words for a partnership society:

“Socidaridad” (noun), “Socidario, socidaria” (adjective): caring society (“socios” (partners), and “solidaridad”— caring, solidarity).
“Socidarismo”: partnerism (the caring economics for partnership societies).


Thank you Marta, for your unwavering vision and fortitude to sharing the partnership movement with the Spanish-speaking world, and women’s empowerment. Translating partnership and caring economy publications into Spanish is a key part of an important commitment to the legacy of Riane Eisler’s work and the inspired action of all the partnership leaders in our 8000+ global CPS community.

Contact Marta:

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