This summer, Center for Partnership Studies program alumni are putting their Partnership values into action as loving parents, community service for social justice, and spiritual mentorship for women leaders. As Riane would say, “Brava!” to all of you manifesting your passions in real-world actions that make a difference.

Kathleen Fleming is a graduate of the Changing Our Story, Changing Our Lives: Riane Eisler’s Cultural Transformation Course. She is the owner/founder (and “Mama Bear”) of Majestic Unicorn, an Asheville, NC based lifestyle brand dedicated to nourishing women, body and soul. On her website, she writes “I think motherhood is the most exalted position I could EVER hope to achieve.” Read her moving blog post about a healing experience with her son: “Broken Things” THANK YOU Kathleen!

Ariana Newcomer, A CPS Certified Partnership Practitioner, coaches and mentors women leaders in their second half of life. She specializes in healing the soul’s voice to joyfully express its divine purpose. Ariana hosted Riane Eisler as the keynote speaker for the Sept., 2017 Reclaiming The Wise Woman Elder Summit. She is the creator of The Wise Woman Immersion, “a deep creative spiritual journey into your inner wisdom, next level of personal healing, healing of the collective, and your latest sacred reinvention of yourself”. Learn More

Angie Dabbs is a graduate of CPS’ Changing Our Story, Changing Our Lives course.”Angie and her colleague, Janet Ladd wrote in to share their work in an innovative coaching/social justice community initiative in Baltimore, MD that highlights the power of partnership values. Angie and her co-workers are creating positive social change at a grassroots level, training “returning” and unemployed citizens to reenter the workforce and develop public relationships to create safe, thriving communities. Read more about this collaborative project that connects partnership-based volunteer coaching with meaningful community change.

Liz Copeland, certified Caring Economy leader active in caring policy advocacy, will be teaching a 90-minute workshop on September 24th, 2018 through Albuquerque’s Oasis educational program. In this class, “Paradigm Shift: The Work of Riane Eisler“, Liz provides an introduction to the work of Riane Eisler, with a focus on Caring Economy. Learn More


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