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Building a Partnership World

New Online Course with Dr. Riane Eisler

In partnership with the Omega Institute, CPS is excited to announce the launch of the new dynamic self-paced online course Building a Partnership World, with instructor Riane Eisler.

Author of the classic book The Chalice and The Blade, Riane Eisler inspired a generation to envision an egalitarian society by exploring peaceful goddess-worshiping cultures from our prehistoric past.

Today, in this dynamic self-paced online course, Riane weaves insights from cultural history, gender studies, economics, and neuroscience to show us how we can construct a more equitable, sustainable, and less violent world based on partnership rather than domination.

Riane helps you make sense of what’s happening in modern times—including issues such as white supremacy, domestic violence, and environmental destruction—and offers new concepts and practical tools that allow you to step forward as a leader for partnership in your own family, workplace, and community.


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In 5 course modules, you will discover:

  • The invisible interconnections between gender relations, parent/child relations, and economic relations
  • How masculinity and femininity have been shaped by domination, and how gender holds different meanings in partnership cultures
  • Tools to advocate effectively for the economic policies that support partnership families and communities

With these new concepts and tools, you can step forward confidently as a leader for partnership in your family, workplace, and the world.

Tuition: $89 Omega member/$99 Regular
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Changing Our Story, Changing Our Lives

Riane Eisler's Cultural Transformation Course

The popular course Changing Our Story, Changing Our Lives self-study course will be available in 2021 on a new CPS learning platform.

The course is organized around four videos narrated by Riane Eisler, which trace her remarkable journey to explore how our fundamental assumptions about gender, family life, economics, and cultural values shape our human experience. Whether you are new to Riane’s work or have studied it for years, these videos and the four accompanying Study Guides will deepen your understanding of the domination and partnership configurations, and support you in applying and embodying this positive vision for the life-sustaining social and economic structures we so urgently need.

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Online Courses

Spark and sustain your passion for cultivating a Partnership world

CPS is creating a brand new catalog of webinars and self-paced online courses offered through a multi-media, intuitive learning platform that will enable you to engage with self-directed learning in a whole new way. The new course catalog will include full video replays of CPS’ 2017-2020 webinars, as well as new versions of our foundational courses.

Our new catalog of self-paced online courses will launch in 2021 with an updated version of Riane Eisler’s course Changing Our Story, Changing Our Lives, and a new version of the Introduction to a Caring Economy course. Additional courses will be rolling out throughout 2021 and beyond.

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About Our Programs

The Leadership and Learning Program is a foundation of the Center for Partnership Studies.
Our classes offer powerful tools for women and men from around the world to learn how to become leaders of the Partnership and Caring Economy movements. Participants in our online classes study Partnership concepts and language and gain the evidence and the skills they need to shift their communities and organizations away from traditions of domination.

Our robust alumni community creates opportunities for networking and learning long after the classes are over. Through our online Partnership Learning Community site, program graduates share resources, strategies, and action models and inspire one another to continue the vital work of cultural transformation.

"Riane Eisler has given me a new perspective on why there is so much unnecessary pain in our society — and how awareness about the dominator/partnership paradigm can create change towards a more caring, sustainable world”.
- Cherri Pruitt, Maternal & Child health consultant, policy analyst, Colorado, USA