In a caring economy, investment in human capacity leads to economic strength

The climate is right for investing in a caring economy. Hoa Nguyen’s recent Women’s e-news article “Is the U.S. Ready to Start Caring About the Crisis in Caretaking? highlights the work of the Center for Partnership Studies and stresses the value of Social Wealth Economic Indicators, an initiative of the Caring Economy Campaign.

Nguyen shares the story of Kristy Umfleet, a pre-K teacher in North Carolina struggling to make ends meet while staying committed to her chosen profession of early childhood education. The article states: “A national budget built on the principles of a caring economy would prioritize such things as early care for children, fair pay and increased benefits for workers, high quality and affordable education, sustainable natural resources and a green environment, along with job creation in the business and private sectors.”

At the Caring Economy Campaign, we are dedicated to supporting an emergent economic system that enables the work of care to be visible and valued. CEC programs empower leaders to advocate for community change, support for parents and caregivers, caring policies and education promoting the principles of a caring economy.

Read more about two exciting webinars this fall:

Election 2016: The Care Deficit
with Riane Eisler and Valerie Young
Friday, September 16, 2016
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Power to the Parents: Reclaiming our Voices, Our Worth, and Our World
with Kate O’Rourke
Saturday, October 22, 2016
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