Sex, Power, & Money: Taking Neo’s Red Pill

Western civilization is rethinking sex, power, and money. But, as in the movie “The Matrix,” most people still choose the blue pill rather than the red one, numbly accepting what they’ve been told, avoiding the truth that established norms are being seriously questioned. Yet events in just the past weeks provide evidence of upheaval:

  • Same-sex marriage legalization and trans-gender discussions throughout Western nations;
  • The rise of anti-establishment candidates in the U.S. presidential race and the Nuit Debout movement in Europe;
  • Heated debate on immigration and Syrian refugees;
  • Outrage regarding corruption exposed by the Panama Papers.

Add to this the longer-term trend of political polarization. People are digging in or opening up — some driven by fear are hunkering down; others driven by hope are expanding norms for greater inclusivity.

To read more, please click here for the full Huffington Post article.

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