Riane Eisler: My Story and My Calling

July 19, 2018 Read Riane Eisler’s moving personal story in the inaugural issue of The Sisters online magazine “My Story and My Calling”. In this story, her first of two articles for The Sisters, the internationally renowned cultural scientist, historian, theorist, and campaigner Riane Eisler reflects on the inspiration for her life’s work.

“I was born in Vienna, and my parents and I lived there until Austria was annexed by Nazi Germany. On Kristallnacht, so called because of all the glass shattered in Jewish homes, synagogues, and businesses, a gang of Gestapo men broke into our home and dragged my father off. That was terrifying. But that night I also witnessed something I carried with me the rest of my life. My mother stood up to these men.” Read more 

For more information regarding Riane’s books, please explore the links below by clicking on the titles:

The Chalice and the Blade
Sacred Pleasure
The Real Wealth of Nations

For more books by Riane Eisler see: centerforpartnership.org/store

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